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Post by Spartan Warrior on Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:37 am

Thanks to Team Resurrection Remix OS, and thanks to All Resurrection Remix Contributers like myself.
This is the Final Nougat 7.1.2_r29 version of Resurrection Remix OS developed specifically for the Samsung  Galaxy S4's on AT&T/Cricket 4G LTE service. The SGH-I337Z variant S4 as seen in the build prop, and in the settings. Talking about settings please make sure to check out all the device configuration settings within this custom RR ROM.
This is the FINAL version RR-N-v5.8.5-20170926 that shows I have been testing it since the build date, and literally everything is working perfectly. With that being said what does that mean for the next steps into the future for the newest versions of Resurrection Remix OS soon to be coming...hint...hint...hint....see that....that's a hint, or something like that. I think it may have something to do with Oreo cookies, Oreo Cupcakes, and Oreo Cake, and Oreo stuff in general. Please don't ask for any ETA's because it's still not ready for all devices yet, but you will know when it is. At time of this post several Custom ROMS manifest, and other things are being worked on like crazy, and some have already begun to make the switches to Android 8.0 start happening. Android 8.0 is coming for a fact, it's just a matter of the mind, and a little matter of time. I may build this version for a few other devices too, if someone makes a request for it on other devices.

Always make a Back-up of the device before you try installing any new custom ROMS.
I CAN NOT be held responsible for any issues that may or may not come up, because you are the only person making changes to you're device. So once again it is highly important for you to have a known to be working back-up of the device stored on the sd card before you begin.
Use TWRP to wipe the device Data as normal. Then do the same on the Advanced Data sections, but DO NOT wipe the sd card. Remember the sd card is the location of the device back-up that you have made in advance. Next Install the ROM you wish to FLASH, and pick the correct gapps version needed that you like for android version 7.1.2_r29 please. it can be mini, micro, nano, pico, whatever you like as long as you have the right one made for 7.1.2_r29.
LOGCAT or GTFO lmao. Enjoy. 349.9 MB!MzgmSZIS!kgHuTowAZ5v9TUNlDzgx9k1Am5qljkVFpQxN29VKKvg

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