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Post by Spartan Warrior on Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:35 pm

This is my new Optimized LineageOS ROM with Android version 8.1.0_r18 for the Samsung Galaxy S4's. It is a Unified Build. At the time of my Unleashing this new Hybrid Custom ROM the gapps for 8.1 has not been officially released, so I can only use a Unofficial version of gapps during the beta testing. I ran into some issues with the gapps for 8.1, and the Stock LineageOS Trebuchet, and camera video. To get past the Trebuchet Launcher issue I was able to get into the settings/apps/default apps settings, and change it to the Google Now Launcher as it comes with gapps 8.1 micro version. Trebuchet pops up closing, and we can basically ignore that error message and get into the settings/apps/default apps/ and make the change to Google Now Launcher set as default, or even another launcher like the Nova Launcher is also a good launcher too. Because of the gapps apps 8.1 issues from Unofficial versions of gapps, we can search for the APKs downloads apps directly on the device browser, and then download them to flash install them with TWRP recovery yes. This is the newest of the new for the jflte devices, so I would not use this ROM as a daily user ROM. However as you can see it is working. The camera took pics but video has issues so I downloaded CAMU app apk and it works fine. I'll see if I can remove the stock trebuchet launcher app, and replace it with Nova Launcher, and or Google Now Launcher. Plus I may be able to do some updates in the future that will fix the stock trebuchet launcher issues, and hopefully the gapps 8.1 issues will resolve themselves in time too. Of coarse I will continue to make other updated builds as well. Hope you like the new ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4. Enjoy.
ALWAYS BACK UP THE DEVICE FIRST BEFORE YOU TRY USING ANY NEW ROMS. You can very easily make a backup with the Team Win Recovery Project custom recovery that you need to wipe the device, and flash install the ROMS to make a BACKUP. Make a Backup first. I can not be held responsible for any bricked devices, or any mistakes that you make. It's on you if you didn't back up you're shit first.

LineageOS version 359.3 MB!trQzkQ6L!tGl9pCouHOPPuFLo1xrwAzH76W8akjZG2PGObkYGAHA Oreo ROM Screen14 Oreo ROM Screen12 Oreo ROM Screen13 Oreo ROM Screen15 Oreo ROM Screen16 Oreo ROM Screen17 Oreo ROM Screen20 Oreo ROM Screen18 Oreo ROM Screen19 Oreo ROM Screen21 Oreo ROM Screen22 Oreo ROM Screen23 Oreo ROM Screen24 Oreo ROM Screen25

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