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New Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337Z AT&T/Cricket Lineage 14.1 Manifest WORKING!

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New Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337Z AT&T/Cricket Lineage 14.1 Manifest WORKING!

Post by Spartan Warrior on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:55 am

Right now I am currently building a New Lineage OS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4's on AT&T, and or Cricket 4G LTE service in America. The SGH-I337Z is the Cricket variant of the AT&T S4, and now that AT&T has purchased Cricket a few years ago it is basically possible for a developer to make a custom ROM work on both networks very easily...if you know what you are doing. In the past I was first a technician, then I became a customizer, then I became an Aspiring Developer as I worked my way UPP the ladder of success to then become the Winner of the Oldschool Unleashedprepaids PORTING 101 Challenge. After more time went by, my other co-worker-devs decided to make the New as we Started our new projects. As more time went by I was able to learn how to setup New Android Build Environments correctly installing all the needed files to Build New Custom Android ROMS. From time to time I would also still Port some ROMS from other devices too. So I then started making more new Custom ROM Builds for CyanogenMod which btw...ended up becoming the Lineage OS. I also built The very last Final PacROM in America. I started making more Builds like the AOSP = Android Open Source Project, AICP = Android IceCold Project. After that I began to make Lineage OS Builds for the jfltexx International versions of the S4, and modded them to Boot on the jfltecri version. I was able to successfully do the same with Resurrection Remix ROMS, and Built more Resurrection Remix ROMS. As I was making these new Builds for the jfltexx International S4 device, and modified them to Boot on the jfltecri variant devices the Hybrid Custom ROMS work but in the device settings it shows the device as SGH-I9505 INTERNATIONAL. This was because I Built, and complied the ROM for that jfltexx International device being that the device I have currently is the SGH-I337Z, and it was one of the many devices still UNSUPPORTED by some ROMS. However it is still possible to make a New Custom ROM for devices that are Unsupported, but this takes very long periods of time to learn how to do this correctly. It could even take some years. So I needed to learn how to make new builds for unsupported devices. You can download the roms main manifest to make builds, but in some cases it may not have all the devices supported, so then what you ask? That means we must learn what is needed. We will need to ID the device to tell the system what phone it is, same with the kernel for the device we wish to make new builds for, then we need things like device_vender_manufacture, and it's must have needed files for it, and the Proprietary files too. So if we know how we can use Github to download them, or we can make a new manifest...there are a few ways, like getting a working manifest for the device, and making mods to it for the device, and we also have the option to extract the needed Blobs files, or Must have needed Proprietary files from the device with as usb connected to PC. So long story short I am about to step UPP to the Plate seriously for making some new builds for devices that are still currently UNSUPPORTED on several custom ROM compiler systems.

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