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Look At What's Going Down in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look At What's Going Down in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Spartan Warrior on Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:06 pm

SO while some ROM Companies found themselves in search of another lead dev. PacROM, and a few others went down as their devs disappeared.  For example Team OctOS ROM is on Indefinite Hold. Plus for many of the new ROM Compiler Systems for android 8.1 Oreo there are very few devices supported. That means you must be make new builds for Un-Supported devices if you wish to make a new Oreo Custom ROM build. This happened because as the android versions became bigger, and more complicated, it also became more difficult to stay up with all the changes to the android OS. At the very same time while this was going on, it also became more and more difficult to actually be able to successfully make new Android Custom ROM BUILDS. That is the very reason why we all saw so many so call "Devs" drop out, or just disappear completely. As the android devices become more expensive, and android versions get more complicated, it's hard to keep up. Like many things in life we have to keep reading, and re-educating ourselves to be able to not only just keep up with the current times, but in order for us to learn how to excel to become the best of the best. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. Even if it means staying up late at night searching Google for answers, and reading, watching You Tube videos, pausing them, viewing them over an over again, experimenting as we try new things to see what we can possibly accomplish, or just to see what we have learned.
   As some ROM companies are searching for new Devs, we at Unleashedprepaids have stayed the coarse back from the early days to present real time. We are the Free Dev Agents that have the capabilities, drive, knowledge, skills, and expertise to get the job done. As Free Dev Agents we are not tied down to just working for 1 Team. Sometimes we may pick to make new builds for teams that we are members of, and sometimes we may choose to make new builds just because we feel like it, or maybe it was because some nice person out there with a little dignity, and some respect put in a request for that ROM to built by us specifically for them and other users because the just want to try it. To be able to make these new Custom ROMs it takes lots of our free time. It is not a easy thing to manage to do, and sometimes for a person that may be working, or has family, and other multi-projects currently in the fire it may become a little hard to be able to juggle all that stuff, and still get new ROMs out. While others may be making excuses, we will be making the Best New Custom ROMs ever built. Thanks for coming to see our stuff, and I hope you enjoy the works.

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