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Post by Spartan Warrior on Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:22 pm

Thanks to Team CyanogenMod, and
This is my New Nightly PORTED Custom ROM for the SGH-I337Z Samsung Galaxy S4's on Cricket 4G LTE service. First always make a backup, a nandroid backup with TWRP yes, then wipe the device as normal by rebooting into TWRP recovery, then wipe data, then go to advanced wipe to wipe the cache, wipe the dalvik cache, wipe internal storage if you want to. NEVER EVER WIPE THE SD CARD. Then go back to install, select the downloads location for external storage sd card, or internal storage if that's the location you use for downloads....IE: that why we should be careful not to wipe internal storage because that is where the downloads may have been sent unless you use external sd card for downloads all the time....heads up yes. Then after carefully wiping the correct things, then go back to install. Pick the download for the ROM that you downloaded, and want to try. You may also want to go ahead, and add more files at that time for adding the Banks Gapps for Android version 6.0.1 for all the needed google apps we like. Please make sure to check all settings after the device boots up, and make sure to go into settings/about phone/build number/tap 7 times very quick like to enable developer options, because there are settings in developer options we need to use please. Developer Options is where the advanced reboot option is yes. Developer Options is also where the ROOT access is located too, turn on ROOT access for apps and device bridge, and Enable the Android Debugging for adb interface with USB to PC. When connecting the device with a USB cable to PC always make sure to hit the notification for USB debugging connected. By default it will always be on USE USB for....and we need to select the charging for charging, or select File Transfers for sending files from phone to PC, or from PC to phone, PHOTO transfer (PTP) transfers photos or files....for like when we need to do special things a developer may want to do. Like I use the (PTP) for when I am Building New Custom ROMS with a New ANDROID BUILD ENVIRONMENT. The (PTP) is needed to be enabled when we need to get the BLOBS files from the device so the BUILDS are containing all the BLOBS files from the device. Just take my word for it....we need it for certain reasons, at times. Most important is to just remember to enable the USB debugging for files transfers when we see the notification for it please. Screenshots included below. Yeah here we go! Houston, Tulsa here, this Spartan has a fire burning that will never go out. The clock is operational. We have a GO. Go baby GO!

This is CyanogenMod 13.0-20160821-NIGHTLY-jfltecri-Spartan ENJOY <3 Screen11 Screen12 Screen13 Screen14 Screen10 Screen15 Screen17 Screen16 Screen11 Screen12 Screen13 Screen14 Screen15 Screen16 Screen17 Screen18 Screen18 Screen19 Screen20 Screen19 Screen20 Screen23 Screen21 Screen21 Screen22 334.8 MB!FhhTxKaa!2oiqcM0BbQsD8gLNlwCt1iLqgYy5Ib4dXFk8cux47so

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